120813 Compilation of To The Beautiful You Press Conference Interview

Minho’s talk about high jump in the drama

'i've practiced high jump 1.5 months before i started filming, i thought i would do well, but it's not only about high jump, backward high jump is more difficult than i thought. i practiced jumping almost everyday, leaving wound, and i kinda lost my confidence too at that time.” 

"on dream team i could just jump foward, but since my role is a high jump player, i have to jump backwards. in order to be like the real high jump player (the posture), it actually took about 3 months or so. it’s not only about the posture, but the way we prepared for the jump is also what we had to go through. i still felt bad at this, but the staff praised me during the filming."

"it’s my first time to get in this job (becomes the main character in a mini series drama). it’s not only about sport, i also have to act in this job. plus it’s also my first time showing myself without the other members, i think i need to put a lot of effort to show this new image of mine" 

"a lot of viewers might feel awkward to see me acting while my usual self is just standing on the stage, actually, yes, i’m still lacking a lot. but i don’t mind with the critics people would say about my acting. although i’m worried about it, those critics/comments about my acting capability are my own tasks that i have to solve. i want to convince people that actor "choi minho" also has this kind of image (as an actor)"

Sulli and Minho

Sulli “minho oppa and i were in the same company, we used to be awkward to each other, but i’d like to call him often as we get close” minho’s response was different “i personally tried really hard for this, so i usually became the one who called her first, but she didn’t call me back, even for once, i was like ‘why this kid doesn’t even call me’ ” sulli then said with laughter “i’m actually not kind of type who calls first”

minho’s reaction when sulli said that her ideal type is kwanghee “i was secretly looking forward to this (t/n: he thought that sulli would choose him?), but i actually just feel okay about it”

back then, i kinda doubted that sulli and i would do well at this,  regarding on the kissing scene. minho “at first, i was actually worried on how should i do the scene. although we both have become close, we still worried about the kissing scene”. he added “fortunately, the atmosphere at filming site wasn’t awkward as the scene was going on. sulli only had to undergo with the kiss while i was the one who did it, so then i thought ‘i will have to gain my confidence at this’. it was quite awkward and tense, out of 15 NGs of the kissing scene, sulli didn’t give any reaction to the kiss for about 10 times.” nonetheless, i felt so embarrassed, sulli was like ‘oppa, i’m relaxed now?’ “

in the drama, my character is the one who’s harsh to sulli, at first it was difficult to do this kind of character, but i gradually got used to it. i’m so used that i became ‘harsh’ too to sulli when we are on a break/not filming. like “ya! gu jaehee! come here!”, rather than calling her sulli, i called her by jaehee or even her nickname in the drama “gujil gujil” “ah so dirty (gujil-gujil is dirty in english)”. she got shocked and snapped at me (laughs)” 

source: verious korean media sites (like nate, osen, naver, etc.) that i can’t name one by one 

korean - english translation minhogoon @ livejournal  / fuckyeahminhochoi @ tumblr 

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